Custom Bangles and More

Hello! I’m Catina Franklin


We love your custom work. The 12 bracelets you customized for my sons fraternity at the last minute were amazing. Everyone loved them. Thanks so much..

La Shauna Smith

Ladies and Gentlemen! I have been ordering from Catina since 2015. The merchandise has always been of best quality and always made with “LOVE.”She always willing to go the extra mile when I wanted something unique and tailor to my personality. I still rock the very first bracelet she made for me.Catina is the truth and always backs everything she makes. 

Kim Burrell

I lost my daughter couple years ago, and TcuffsbyTina, made me the most beautiful necklace, it had a picture of my daughter, and the second one had a picture of her and I together. It was the most beautiful thing. I will always cherish it. It keeps her closer to me. Thank you Tina for the most beautiful thing anyone could of done for me. I can always count on you to make me feel better.

Annette Garner

I was gifted a beautiful bracelet several years ago. When I was going through a difficult time, she had no idea. She asked what I would like on the bracelet and I said just put whatever you feel in your heart means something to me. I shed a tear. It was exactly what I needed. The craftsmanship is impeccable. I still have it to this day and wear it. I have also purchased. I absolutely love my sunglasses. They make me feel like a queen. She greeted me. Made sure I had a bag for them to not get scratched. Really thinks of everything that you need and are not expecting. Quality and the care is what keeps bringing me back. 
Thank you Catina

Lishelle Hall

Purchased cuffs for my daughters with their names embroidered on them from Tina. They were cute and colorful. My girls loved them. Tina was wonderful to work with. Shipping was fast and the cuffs were beautifully packaged. I refer people to Tina all the time.

TaJuana Robinson

We absolutely love our TcuffsbyTina. Me and my daughter and bonus daughter wear them faithfully. My bracelets go well with any outfit never had a problem with them other then ordering to many. Addicted to these bracelets.

Tasha Vaughn

Let me just say. It has been a blessing for me that I met the lovely CaTina Franklin...She has a heart of gold....Now let me tell you about her wonderful line of jewelry ....I have many bangles and a few of the rings...also have purchased some for family and friends...I love every piece and wear one or more everyday..I get lots of compliments..I tell everyone to check her out..and if you haven't already purchased from yourself a favor and go to her website and check it out..I bet you will buy something maybe even 2 or more ❤️

Michelle Grever

Your artwork is inspiring and gives me life. Thank you for being obedient to YOUR gift, Sis.

Toni Watson

My Mom and Sister loved the bangles I got for us.  My Mom even cried and she is not one to cry.  Thank you so much!!!!!

Rhonda Hardin